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WOGE – its history and idea

The Co-operative Building Society WOGE Nordstadt e.G. was founded in April 1988 in the North City of Hanover by, tenants´ initiatives and committed residents.
The Co-op.´s explicit goal was to offer an alternative to the traditional institutions responsible for redevelopment and modernization, and to emphasize the co-operation of the future tenants.
Meanwhile we can look back to a field of WOGE´s activities that covers e. g. modernization of houses, altering an old power house and erecting new buildings. The Society now counts about 230 members and disposes of 185 tenements.
In the course of the years again and again new ways have been explored to build up publicly assisted housing and joint living through alternative concepts of financing and the self-help of the inhabitants. What regards securing social housing, WOGE has thus become an important co-operating partner of the city of Hanover.

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